3-phases DirectDrive Cutting Units


The new DD120ML is a three-phase cutting unit for cutting textile, technical fabrics and composite material. That is part of the latest technology of Rasor DirectDrive such as the knife installed on the same axis of the motor. DD120ML has no coupling gear which means no maintenance (i.e. the lubrication with grease) reducing therefore also the operation cost while using during the no-stop 24h/day production processes. The knife can reach a speed of 2600 RPM so this tool comes perfect for the high speed no-stop cutting process. The new particular building geometry “Monster” style avoid totally the trouble on winding for composite material such as the winding of the fiber behind the knife. The cutting system by a knife and counterblade (now Titanium coated) assure a precise and sharp cut without scraps. The induction three-phase motor is balanced and silenced with no maintenance needed assuring reliability for life. The knife is 120 mm diameter 8-edges and allows to reach a cutting thickness of 50 mm even as multi-layers. DD120ML is especially studied for the transversal and no-stop cut and it is arranged with a anchor flange easy to be fitted on fixed or automatic stirrup. The aluminium Teflon® coated base reduce the friction between the foot and the material and allow the easy forward movement even for an installation sliding rails. The push button sharpening stone allows the sharpening of the knife edge to be done in less than 10 seconds without removing the knife. For the no-stop trimming process DD120ML is also available in right version (specular) as model DD120MR. The minimum, needed maintenance and low production cost make DD120ML to be a reliable cutting solution in any high speed O.E.M. application.



Blade diameter 120 mm (4.7″), with hard metal counterblade, Titanium coated
Blade descr. 12SDD, 8-edges, HSS steel
Blade speed 2600 r.p.m.
Cutting ability 50 mm (2″)
Motor 3-phases asynchronous 380/400* V, 50 Hz
Power 180 W
Consumption 0.52 A
Protection IP20 – CL F
Net weight (with power supply cord) 4000 g
Total weight (with packaging) 5700 g
Electric cable length 1.5 mt (with no plug)
Minimum brightness for working operations 200 LUX
Vibrations at start up < 2.5 m/sec 2
Temperature range 0 – 55 C
Umidity range 10 – 95% without condensate

* This model is also available in right side version (specular) as model DD120MR
* This model can be set up at 3-phase 220 V
* On request: 480 V, 60 Hz