SinglePhase Cutting Units


SW12SSM is a new generation cutting unit for high thickness. Launched on the market only a couple of months ago SW12SSM gives its excellency to the new geometry of the motor housing of Monster series. The difference between SW12SSM and the other Rasor cutting units is given by its motor housing held by a central foot fitted behind the blade in central position. This system spreads the shearing stress and the necessary stress to move the machine through the fabrics on both sides of the cutter and cut is so done perfectly straight and smooth. The knife is half-free on both sides to avoid winding problems even with tough fibers. SW12SSM is especially suitable to cut composite materials like glass fiber, carbon fiber and kevlar. The impressive 350 Watt motor combined with a bronze/steel coupling gear develop a very high torque. SW12SSM is able to cut any material at the “soft” stage up to maximum 50 mm of thickness. High torque combined with the slow RPM of the knife allow to cut even rubber materials and plastic based material in the field of carpets and industrial flooring in multi-layers. The push button sharpening stone allows the sharpening of the knife edge to be done in less than 10 seconds without removing the knife. The aluminium cutting base is Teflon® coated to allow the easy run of the machine and the reduction of the friction between the base and the material. SW12SSM is especially suitable for the transversal cut and it arranged with an anchor flange to be easily adjusted on fixed or automated hanger. For 24-hours a day trimming SW12SSM is also available in right version (specular) as model SW12SM.



Blade diameter 120 mm (4.7″), with hard metal counterblade
Blade descr. 12SHSS, 8-edges, HSS steel
Blade speed 550 r.p.m.
Cutting ability 50 mm (2″)
Power singlephase – 350 W
Max absorption 2.5 A
Net weight (with power supply cord) 4500 g
Total weight (with packaging) 6200 g
Electric cable length 1.5 mt (with no plug)
Minimum brightness for working operations 200 LUX
Vibrations at start up < 2.5 m/sec 2
Temperature range 0 – 55 C
Umidity range 10 – 95% without condensate

* This model is also available in right side version (specular) as model SW12SM


  • Main power switch with Led indicator
  • Heigh-adjustable trasparent fore blade protection
  • Fixed trasparent back blade protection
  • Double electric insulation