Battery Driven Scissors


Greencutter ONE is an innovative battery-powered cutting system on cradle. On 3-wheel stainless steel structure is installed a battery-powered cutter with 18V Li-Ion® battery with an extraordinary capacity of 6Ah and a Ø 70 mm cutting knife. The cradle is driven by a stainless steel handle with remote control switch. Rasor ONE can cut material up to 18 mm thick in single or multi-layers, making straight or curved cuts thanks to an extraordinary 400W motor. Perfect for cutting operations on the ground of materials such as carpets, PVC, sports floors and synthetic grass surfaces. The machine is equipped with an electronic knife speed regulator in 6 positions. The half-automatic sharpener device allows the blade to be sharpened in less than 10 seconds without having to disassemble it.
Rasor ONE reduces the time of cutting operations considerably increasing operator comfort. The fast charger allows the battery to be fully charged in 45 minutes.
Rasor ONE is supplied with disassembled handle contained in a bag for easy transportation.



Blade diameter 70 mm (2.75″), with hard metal counterblade
Blade descr. 70SHSS, 4-edges, HSS steel
Blade speed 600-1000 r.p.m., adjustable
Cutting ability 18 mm (0.7″)
Power 18 V, 400 W
Battery 18 V Li-Ion®, 6.0 Ah rechargable with charge status indicator LED
Recharging time 45 min.
Weight (with battery) 8,5 kg
Total weight (with packaging) 9 kg
Minimum brightness for working operations 200 LUX
Vibrations at start up < 2.5 m/sec 2
Temperature range 0 – 55 C
Umidity range 10 – 95% without condensate

INOX structure, demountable
Tubeless tyres
INOX handle with remote control switch
Speed regulator in 6 positions
Safety release starting switch
Electronic over-load fuse
Fast connector machine-trolley


  • Starting system by law with open push button
  • Main ON-OFF switch on the cuttin unit
  • Electronic fuse for overload protection
  • Sliding metal protection


Technical Details