3-phases Cutting Units


Model GRT-MINI is the smallest three-phase cutting unit with carbide counter-blade. For many years within the market it is installed on the main tendering machines. GRT-MINI is powerful, small and light (less than 3 Kg.). The 5-edges knife guarantee a clean cut without rag grinding. The new semi-automatic sharpening stone allows the sharpening of the knife edge to be done in less than 10 seconds without removing the knife. GRT-MINI is widely applied in textile, leather, light carpet or technical fabrics field. The three-phase induction motor is balanced and noiseless. This cutting unit does not need any maintenance so to be easily used during the production process on 24 hours-a-day. It is especially suitable for the transversal cut and it arranged with an anchor flange to be easily adjusted on fixed or automated hanger. The new Teflon® coated base is miniatured so that can be installed on sliding rails within a small space. The minimum maintenance and the minimum handling costs make GRT-MINI the cheap and reliable cutting solution for any O.E.M. application.



Blade diameter 86 mm (3.4″), with hard metal counterblade
Blade descr. 86PHSS, 5-edges, HSS steel
Blade speed 550 r.p.m.
Cutting ability 25 mm (1″)
Motor 3-phases asynchronous 380/400* V, 50 Hz
Power 55 W
Consumption 0.3 A
Protection IP20 – CL F
Net weight (with power supply cord) 2650 g
Total weight (with packaging) 4750 g
Electric cable length 1.5 mt (with no plug)
Minimum brightness for working operations 200 LUX
Vibrations at start up < 2.5 m/sec 2
Temperature range 0 – 55 C
Umidity range 10 – 95% without condensate * This model can be set up at 3-phase 220 V


  • Heigh-adjustable trasparent fore blade protection
  • Fixed trasparent back blade protection
  • CLF – IP20 electric insulation