As of today Rasor Elettromeccanica Srl boast the professional continuity of three generation yet with the strong experience got by the founder thanks to his passion and devotion.

Rasor Elettromeccanica Srl was born in Milan in 1946 by founder Mr. Luigi Spinelli. With his instinctive talent and exceptional ability in technical and precision mechanics, the first hand-made cutter was successfully realized.

Rasor’s products originated for applications in the textile industry. Now the range has expanded to industries including technical textiles and composite materials.

Rasor’s distinction rests in its control of all business aspects from product design, production, quality assurance, packaging and delivery. This is made possible because all staff has grown professionally for many years with the company and they share the founders sole philosophy to grant quality to each cutter produced.

Today, Rasor believes in continuous improvement and is engaged in research and development of new materials and technologies, which keeps their product on the leading edge of cutting. To support their market, Rasor boasts an international network of distributors on all Continents.