Battery Driven Scissors


The new model NERAPro is the revolutionary hand held battery driven shear for any kind of textile fiber. Unique on the market it combines the cutting potentiality of the model DS504 with a miniature Lithium-Ion 3.7V battery-powered motor. The result is a compact, powerful and reliable cutting machine in just 580 grams of weight. This new version has a PCB board installed which allows a smooth start and an electronic protection from overload. Never has a cutting tool had this excellent weight/performance ratio. The reinforced structure and coupling gear of bronze / steel material generate now 1000 rpm, unique on the market of its kind to obtain this speed allowing its use not only in the textile field but also in the field of light technical fabrics and light leathers. The Lithium Ion battery develops 2400 mAh and is easily rechargeable with the appropriate docking station with LED indicator. The second battery, included in the box, allows a quick replacement so to cut continuously without interrupting the work. The maximum cutting thickness is 9 mm and the new button sharpener allows to revive the cutting edge of the blade in less than ten seconds without removing it. The cutting foot, strong and with a thin shape, allows the cutting of curved profiles with great ease. The new NERAPro is truly an innovative concentrate of power, lightness and ease of use in the field of professional cutting tools.



Blade diameter 50 mm (1.96″), with hard metal counterblade
Blade descr. 50EEXT, 6-edges, EXTRA steel
Blade speed 1000 rpm
Cutting ability 9 mm (0.35″)
Power 3.7 V, 35 W with overload PCB protection
Battery 3.7 V Li-Ion®, 2.4 Ah rechargable with charge status indicator LED
Charger 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.4A max – Output: 4.2V, 2A
Recharging time 4 h
Weight (with battery) 580 g
Total weight (with packaging) 950 g
Minimum brightness for working operations 200 LUX
Vibrations at start up < 2.5 m/sec 2
Temperature range 0 – 55 C
Umidity range 10 – 95% without condensate