Composite materials are constructed from a combination of simple materials and fibres engineered for specific performance. The ensemble of components guarantees exceptional mechanical properties while maintaining a very low increase in mass. For this reason composites are used in a wide variety of applications where light weight is a key factor.

Composite materials are used in fields where exceptional strength is needed while maintaining low weight.

In particular, the Aerospace, automotive and marine industries widely use composite materials for the construction of; wing structures, fuselages, wind turbine blades, automotive panels and interiors, Formula One car frames, springs, engine parts and accessories, trailers, canoes and other vessels. Aerospace and military industries use composites to make components for the space station, space vehicles and for construction of helmets and bullet proof vests.

In the field of sport, composite materials are used to make; skis, bobsleds, tennis rackets, bicycles, fishing rods, risers for archery, and high jump poles to name a few.

Uses in the medical field include the construction of prosthetics while the construction industry uses composite materials for making pipes, tanks and erosion barriers.

Over the past five years Rasor has focused their know-how and experience for the development of cutting tools especially made for composite materials. Most producers and end-users of these materials have made Rasor the standard for their cutting processes.

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