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rasor_titanio_small New Titanium counterblades

Available from 2019 widia counter-blade Titanium coated

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rasor_paypal Paypal® available

As of today it shall be possible to arrange your transfer via PayPal®

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New FP702

The new model FP702 is the best compromise between weight and power in the field of professional pneumatic hand-held cutting tools. The new turbine have now 5 blades that assure higher power and torque reaching 380W in 16.000 RPM.

New DirectDrive DD120MR-DD120ML

The new DD120MR & DD120ML are three-phase cutting unit for cutting textile, technical fabrics and composite material. These models are designed based on the latest Rasor DirectDrive technology having the knife installed on the same axis of the motor.

New FP862MT

This hand held cutting tool is already become the most appreciated composite cutting tool all over the world. The new FP862MT cuts easily glass fiber, carbon fiber and kevlar up to a cutting thickness of 25mm.