Synthetic turf or artificial grass is a surface lawn made of synthetic plastics.

Its appearance, especially in more recent artifacts, is very similar to natural grass.

It is normally used for the construction of sports fields but also in homes and commercial facilities for its cost-effectiveness and ease of management due to low maintenance costs.

It is a real alternative flooring capable of combining elegant aesthetic features, strength and comfort. The filaments of synthetic grass are made of textile material covered by a latex compound and passed into the oven (through a vulcanization process) to ensure that the latex adheres perfectly to the textile material and last for a long time.

This process allows to generate a finished product very similar to natural grass of which reproduce the main advantages and at the same time eliminate the defects or inconveniences related to it

Since 2007 Rasor have developed the first cutting systems for the backing cut (the backside of the turf) of synthetic turf in order to improve the quality and speed for the turf installation operations.

Today with over seventy years of experience in the textile field, Rasor offers its SportLine, a complete range of professional electric and battery driven cutting tools for synthetic sports/ornamental turf and indoor/outdoor sports flooring.

Ideal for artificial grass installers and manufacturers, the products included in Rasor SportLine drastically reduce field construction time, improve the quality of the work and make easier the work for turf installers.


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